The Empath:


A person who can feel the emotions of others even though they themselves are not going through the same situation.


Long before I was able to understand myself as an empath or someone who was energetically and intuitively sensitive with people, places and animals; I was very aware of the suffering of animals. One of my earliest memories as a child, I was roughly around three years of age. My mum, brother and I were walking home from my grandmas, when I saw a chick that had fallen from its nest.


To this day the image is still strong in my mind, too as it was back then. The only difference as an adult, I would have known that the animal could not have been saved. I remember crying and kept asking my mum to please go outside to help the creature. She did go out of the house to pacify me, which it did.


As I grew older I often found it very hard to cope with the news of people suffering around the world from starvation, war or natural disasters. I also had a big dislike of travelling on the London Underground.


Today the term “empath” is much more understood and has received more publicity recently, which in my opinion is a good thing. For those of you who do have difficulty understanding why it can be so hard to be in a world of pain and suffering. Awareness and education about what it mean’s to be energetically sensitive (empathic) has been a good thing, because when we understand what, it is to be empathic, there are techniques that the empath can learn to help support themselves.


We are all born with psychic ability and through conditioning, modern living, teachings, will use it to a lesser or greater degree. However, not all people who are intuitive, psychic, or telepathic are also energetically sensitive in the same way as the empath.


Being empathic has nothing to do with the ability to receive information clearly and do excellent intuitive work, but it can have an impact on your own emotional wellbeing. It is important for the energetically sensitive (empath) to be able to understand their emotional and energetic sensitivity; when to stop and take care of your on energy. If you are a healer, psychic or medium, there may be times when it would be more conducive for your own wellbeing to pass the session to another. At some point it will happen to most of us and that is ok, but we need to be aware that at times our own emotions and sensitively will influence the information, communication, the animal (if working with) and yourself.


Are you an Emotional Empath?


Within this area of work there are many empathic and energetically sensitive people, much more than in the general population. This sensitivity is the source of our gifts that we share with the world around us. However, for the empathic and energetically sensitive it can make the world very challenging at times.


You may find yourself being overly sensitive to the people you love dearly; or you may find yourself struggling in large crowds of people, where you are picking up on how they are feeling. Have you ever entered a place that instantly gives you a feeling of happiness, sadness?


If this is the case, it is important that you find methods to manage your energy in ways that allow you to live a healthy vibrant live. Rather than a live a life that is characterized by constant overwhelm and depletion.


Over my years working as a healer, psychic and medium I have learnt a lot about working with my own energy and empathic sensitivity, and how to take care of myself. It is about having energetic boundaries and personal ethics. I now also teach a lot about this topic in my mentoring programs and classes and have included it in my online class.


I have learnt over the years which practices work for me, and I do my best to give them priority in my life.


Would you like to discover more about Empathy and being Energetically Sensitive. Would you like to know about the tools that I use in my daily life that are helpful in taking care of my sensitivity – are you looking you help and emotional support?


I offer individual consultations, where I can help you energetically understand the world around you


Would you like to discover more, I offer 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring with regards to developing your understanding of how to support you and your loved ones.


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