Past Life Readings


Are you curious about how your past lives are affecting this lifetime? 

Let me be clear – there is a difference between Past Life Regression and Past Life Sessions as I am the one that facilitates the journeying process.

In these powerful Past Life Sessions which are carried out on a soul level, I am able to…

  • Connect to your guides and channel through this information to you
  • Take you on a journey to connect with people, places and things you have been with in a a past life
  • Helping you understand why situations in this lifetime may seem familiar.

Why you may have a fascination with a certain period of time in history, a particular country, a part of the UK, famous people, certain fashions and artefacts etc, etc…

These sessions help you…

  • Understand your relationships in the here and now and help heal them going forward.
  • Understand your higher self and provide a level of soul satisfaction as there is a reason why some things seem familiar – it is because they are!

Even though our soul may fancy on some level these energies – it is important that we focus on this lifetime. So understanding these connections help us heal the past but be present which is the key to your growth in this life time.


These sessions cost £80 are on zoom and last 1 hour.


All sessions that we provide are delivered for research, spiritual and entertainment purposes only and we do not warrant or guarantee the relevancy, accuracy or quality of any information provided during a session. Any outcomes or results can vary and will be subject to your own personal interpretation and we make no guarantee that you will achieve a particular outcome, result or experience. Sessions are intended for those over the age of 18 only. By booking a session you are confirming that you are over 18. 

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