“I am so glad I chose to see Anita. She was able to identify things that were happening in my life right now, with such accuracy, it blew me away!”

– Jane A


In this half hour or full hour session I connect with your loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World and share their messages with you.


In this half hour or full hour session I provide you with guidance and direction to assist you on your life path in every day life.


In this  full hour session I connect you with your loved ones in spirit by sharing their messages with you and also connect you with higher guidance to help you with life choices and challenges.


In this full hour session my higher self connects with your higher self helping you to connect to your soul’s essence and what it wants for your purpose and potential on your journey here on earth.


In this powerful full hour session I connect you the direction you are being asked to study on your Spiritual journey. The direction you are guided to take may be either healing, mediumship, psychic development etc. These sessions enable you to progress confidently on the path that intuitively feels right for you


Half Hour – £45 

Full Hour  – £70 



I request payment to be made at least 48 hours in advance of your booking. If you book within 48 hours of your session payment is required immediately after your booking. If you cancel your session within 24 hours of your session there will be no refund available.

Anita Denise Forecast Monthly Reading

15 minute pre-recorded audio

As a guide I suggest that my clients have a ‘full’ intuitive and mediumship session every 4-6 months (every case is obviously different).  However, there are times where you may be seeking and requiring additional guidance and spiritual support to navigate the energies of your month.

 I am therefore creating a service – ‘Anita Denise Forecast Monthly Reading’ – a monthly 15 minute audio recording sent to you via WhatsApp or via Voice memo.

This is for if …

You value insights and guidance from the Spirit world with regards to what is happening energetically in your life right now.  I will intuitively tune into what is going on for you and use my Tarot cards – showcasing the energy of that month, and my Soul Oracle cards to assist with your soul purpose for that month.

 So that you can …

Feel supported and guided to make the right choices to stay on your path.

How it works?

You sign up via the recurring monthly subscription below, once I receive payment I will send you your first 15 minute recording via Whatsapp or Voice memo (I will contact you so that you can choose) within 72 hours (working days). 

Subsequent recordings will be sent to you on a monthly basis, based on the date you sign up for your first session.  If you have any additional questions these can be answered in a 121 paid session or the ‘Ask Anita Anything’ option – which is £15 for one question.

Investment = £30 a month recurring

SOS Anita!

SOS Anita =  If you require an urgent appointment then these are available upon request.  The cost of my SOS Anita sessions are £120 for an hour session.

To book your appointment please email anita@anitadenise.com

Anita is a Psychic Medium based in Essex, London offering online or in person session.

To book your session or discuss the session best suited to you, contact Anita using the button below.

Ask Anita Anything!

Sessions are quite a busy time, lots of information is provided from myself and my Spirit team.  So I always suggest to let things land and percolate and take the time to assimilate the information that has been given to you.

During this time, other things may come up for you, where there may be an extra question (or two), this does happen regularly.  So I have created my – ‘Ask Anita Anything’ service – where you have the opportunity to ask subsequent questions for £15 per question…  Or – you may have 1 burning question to ask me … 

How does this work?

After your session, you will then get the chance (within a week of your session) to ‘Ask Anita‘ an additional question, I using this PayPayl Link for £15.  When I have received your payment, I will then send you the answer to your question via either a written email, WhatsApp message or text message, the choice is yours.  

T’s and C’s apply:  Messages can be sent Monday through Friday, and I will reply within 48 hours of your request.

Anita x.

Book a 12 Month Forecast Session for 2024


In these uncertain times it is more important than ever to have a handle on what is happening energetically in our lives. The Tarot is an ancient tool used for divination, for guidance and direction. Imagine a book without a spine – 78 cards telling a story showing us a road map of our lives.  Think of it like a traffic light system – we have red, green and amber cards – some cards tell us to go!, some cards tell us to proceed with caution, some cards tell us to stop. We obviously do not want to fall at the feet of the cards, but rather to use the cards to decipher the twists and turns and bumps in the road of our lives. Giving us the important and insightful tools to move forward.Of these 78 cards – the 22 Major Arcana cards help us identify major milestones and events.  Then the Minor Arcana are made up of 4 suits – Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands (Rods). The Pentacles show us situations related to Wealth.  The Cups show us what is happening with our Emotions and all things related to Relationships.  The Swords show us stresses and strains related to the Mind.  The Wands identify Actions and Projects.


I have created a brand new ’12 Month Forecast’ session for 2024 – in this 75 minute session we will take each calendar month and look at the energetic forces at play in your life.  If you have certain questions for a particular month – I can then pull more cards to go deeper into the relevant month.

My brand new ’12 Month Forecast’ session for 2024 is for you if you are …

Looking to understand what is in store for you in your life and/or business for 2024…Ready for a Tarot session and curious to understand more about the year to come… Willing to work with the energetic divination that is the tarot to help you navigate the months to come.

Length of time =  75 minutes Online on Zoom and will be recordedInvestment = £80To book your ’12 Month Forecast’ session for 2024.

‘Wow what an amazing experience!  The information Anita told us all slotted together like a puzzle piece by piece it all made sense and was just the best feeling knowing that our loved one that has passed is still with us. Highly recommend Anita she has a truly amazing talent.’

– AA – 2021

To book your ’12 Month Forecast’ session for 2024

email: anita@anitadenise.com

or book now!

NB: – This session still works if conducted in any month of the year – as the month you have the session is the starting month of the forecast

Anita x


All sessions that we provide are delivered for research, spiritual and entertainment purposes only and we do not warrant or guarantee the relevancy, accuracy or quality of any information provided during a session. Any outcomes or results can vary and will be subject to your own personal interpretation and we make no guarantee that you will achieve a particular outcome, result or experience. Sessions are intended for those over the age of 18 only. By booking a session you are confirming that you are over 18. 

“I had never had a session before, but felt like I needed some guidance as felt a little lost. My session was absolutely spot on! I can’t explain it but I felt uplifted and positive, I am definitely going back to see Anita.

Sue D

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