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Do you often speak to the animals and wonder if they could speak what they would say to you?

Is there a behavioural challenge that you are experiencing with animals and would like to understand the underlying cause?

I used to feel like this too before I learnt how to communicate with the animal kingdom.

The Anita Denise Animal Communication Certified Course is designed to help you explore your ability to understand, communicate and connect with animals on a deeper, spiritual and energetic level.

animal communication course

Anita Denise brings over 15 years’ experience as an Animal Communicator, professional dog trainer and Kennel Club assessor.

Anita hopes that everybody who attends the course will leave with a greater understanding of the many aspects of animal communication as well as an improved confidence in own ability to communicate with animals.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

The course is suitable for …

Animal lovers and Animal owners

Animal therapists, Animal groomers, Animal trainers, Animal handlers

Rescue Workers

Vets etc …

Basically, anyone who has a love and a passion for animals and wants to deepen their understanding and connection with the animal kingdom.

6 month course Starting in January 2024

The Anita Denise Animal Communication Certified Course will cover the following modules over 6 x 2-hour monthly sessions …

You will learn the theory and practice of…

1. What is Animal Communication (the methods) and The Animal Human Connection?

In this module you will learn that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by environmental factors and behaviours essential to the health and wellbeing of both.

2. Psychic Senses, Importance of Energy and Intention and Setting a Sacred Space

We talk of having five senses as a universal truth – there are more. In this module you will learn that all creatures are intuitive and emotional intelligent beings, our very survival depends on using our innate abilities.

The power of intention brings energy to our words and thoughts and assures we can connect for the highest good, no matter where an animal dwells. In this module you will learn that time and distance between the physical and spiritual world is not a barrier when communicating with animals


3. Owner influence and practice Animal Communication session

The human animal connection, are you teaching your animal to behave in a certain way? In this module you will learn about mirroring, where an animal’s behaviour can mirror and reflect their humans.

4. Missing, Lost and Stolen Animals and practice with Lost Animals session

Guiding lost animals and missing animals’ home is one of the most challenging situations Animal Communicators faces. In this module you will learn the various techniques involved in finding missing animals and how to manage everyone’s expectations during this process.

5. Animals in Spirit, Time to say Goodbye and practice with Spirit Animals session

Beyond the here and now – connecting and communicating with animals in the world of spirit. In this module you will learn how to understand when emotions can mar your judgement when it is time to say goodbye. We will also learn how to communicate with the Animal when they have passed to the Spirit world.

6. Animal Healing

After physical pain has been ruled out, healing can play a vital role in the animal’s rehabilitation by reducing stress to build trust and confidence. In this module you will learn how to understand the energy system and how energy medicine can help the animal.

Learning Outcome – Qualification


The course is certified through Balens Insurance.

Entry Requirements

To enrol on the course, Anita will require you to have a love of the animal world and be prepared to commit and dedicate time to your own development and honour what the animal tells you.

Course Format & Course Creation

Consists of:

· A 6 monthly course (specific dates below)

· 6 x 2-hour monthly zoom sessions with Anita Denise

· A supportive Facebook Group

· Additional learning toolkits provided

· Animal Communication Case Studies to be completed (see below for details)

· You will leave with a certificate indicating your competency level on the’ Anita Denise Animal Communication Course’

Course Dates 2024

Course Dates 2024:

Session 1 – Saturday January 27th – 4-6pm

Session 2 – Saturday February 24th – 4-6pm

Session 3 – Saturday March 23rd – 4-6pm

Session 4 – Saturday April 20th – 4-6pm

Session 5 – Saturday May 18th – 4-6pm

Session 6 – Saturday June 15th – 4-6pm

Tutor Support

The Anita Denise Animal Communication Certified course will cover a comprehensive range of 6 modules, these will be delivered online via zoom.

· You will have access to the recordings to watch the replays.

· You will also be invited to a The Anita Denise Animal Communication Facebook group, where you will be given access to the study materials which include toolkits and recordings of the zoom sessions.

· There will be 12 case studies to carry out through the duration of the 6-month course (2 x case studies a month), to be submitted to Anita Denise.

· There will be 1 x 30-minute 1-2-1 call with Anita Denise to be taken during the course duration.

· Anita will answer all questions you have on the live zooms and in the Facebook group, please direct your questions to these places.

There are limited spaces available!

Anita Denise Psychic Medium Essex and London

Investment = £350 per person


Payment plan available on enquiry – a deposit will be required upon booking.

To book your place on The Anita Denise Animal Communication Course email Anita at:

Or sign up directly below.

Anita will then send you all the details that you need and add you to the Anita Denise Animal Communication Facebook Group.

Looking forward to getting started.

Anita x

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