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The Power Is in Your Hands

Palmistry has been a love of mine for 15 years and I regularly run Palmistry masterclasses.

Palmistry is believed to have its roots in the traditions of the Roma travellers and ancient India. The palm and the shape of your hand is a unique map of the qualities that you were innately born with, your inherited traits and your natural abilities. No two people will have the same hand shape and lines. The hand and the lines are an imprint of the qualities we were born with and show us how we can navigate our life’s path and choices.

In these uncertain times it is more important than ever to have a handle on what is happening energetically in our lives. The Tarot is an ancient tool used for divination, for guidance and direction. Imagine a book without a spine, 78 cards telling a story showing us a road map of our lives.

By combining a Palmistry and Tarot session, we use the tarot to see what the next 6 months has in store and how you are best to uniquely prepare and navigate these times. I then read your palm online by using photographs of your hand and relate the results of the tarot with your palm session, creating insights to help you move forward.

Introducing my Brand-new Palmistry and Tarot Combined Session

This Session is Perfect for you if you are …

  • Looking to understand what is in store for you, your life and/or business for the first half of 2023
  • Curious to understand more about the year to come in line with the destiny of your palm – what you came here to do and if you are doing it!
  • Willing to work with the energetic divination that is tarot and palmistry to help you navigate the next 6 months.
Spiritual Coaching with Anita Denise

Length of time = 75 minutes

Online on Zoom and will be recorded

Investment = £80

Using Traditional Tarot cards and Palmistry

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