Animal Astrology


Joining the dots between Animals and Astrology

When I was a small girl, my Mum used to read the daily horoscopes from ‘The Daily Mail’, Pisces for me and Scorpio for her, my interest in Astrology was evoked.

  When I was 7 years old, I picked up an Astrology book in a local bookshop, and made a bee line for Pisces, my Nan bought me the book and I still have it to this day.

What fascinated me was that the population of the world, 7.9 billion people can be divided into 12 Astrological Signs (which then goes deeper) but top line can have similar personality traits, energies and types related to the corresponding planet.

This started my curiosity and journey with Astrology, and I became aware of the interaction between different astrological signs. Understanding the dynamics of each sign allowed me to understand people on a deeper level.

Interestingly as a Pisces I have traits of each of the sign because it is the last sign in the Zodiac.

‘Astrological energy does not just stop with human beings.’

Astrological energy does not just stop with human beings.

Animals born under a specific Zodiac sign will also carry these traits.

As I studied Astrology and my interest grew, I started to take mental notes of the animals that I shared my life with and their related astrological sign, I started to witness patterns develop.

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The purpose of this ‘Animal Astrology E-Book’ is …

  • To provide you with the resources to help you enhance your relationship with your animal.
  • By helping you identify certain personality traits, likes, dislikes and potential physical ailments etc, that may be considered behavioural, showing you how they are related to their astrological sign.
  • To provide hints and tips to work out the date of birth of your rescue animal

We will cover each Astrological Sign and …

  • Its related – ruling Planet, Metal, Tarot card, Element, Stone, Colour and Tree
  • Health and Physicality
  • Most/Least compatible Astrological sign
  • Top 5 Strengths
  • Top 5 Weaknesses
  • Likes and Dislikes!

I am looking forward to connecting you to your Animal and their Astrological energies.

The Animal Astrology E-Book

Only £11.00

Animal Astrology
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