Aniaml Communication Oracle Cards


Deepen Your Connection With The Animal Spirit World

Animals are divine creatures who have so much knowledge and gifts to share with us here on earth. 

 This beautiful oracle card deck is designed for all animal lovers who wish to deepen their connection with the animal world. 

animal communication cards

The cards depict images of animals ranging from ‘tails to scales’ and have been lovingly illustrated with the essence of each animals unique spirit.

This deck has been created with channelled messages from the animals to help you develop and strengthen your own skills in animal communication and work with animal spirit guides.

The enclosed booklet provides a deeper message for each card to help enhance the readers experience, looking at what the animal is asking from you and why it has appeared at this time.

 This deck is suitable for all abilities and also appropriate to use with children.

animal communication cards

This beautiful Animal Communication Oracle Card Deck

  • Has been created so you can use the messages that the animals have channelled to Anita.
  • Animals have so many gifts, knowledge and messages. By using these cards, you will be able to intuitively tap into the messages that the animals want to share with you.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced card reader, you will find these cards easy to use.
  •  They will guide you in giving accurate readings for yourself and others.



International Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator.

 Anita Denise, from an early age has had a very strong connection and empathy with animals. As a child she dreamt of working with animals and had a fascination with being able to talk to animals.

As an adult she trained and qualified in canine behaviour. It was during this time working with humans and their canine companions that she came to realise that animals can and do communicate, with us.

Anita realised there is so much more to animal communication and started to work with wild animals, animals in spirit, animal spirit guides, humans and the words of wisdom that they bring.

animal communication cards
Animal communication cards


Intuitive Artist, Designer & Illustrator

Lynda Mangoro is an artist, illustrator and designer using her gifts to share a touch of magic with the world.

Lynda loves nothing more than using her passion for creativity and design to support people whose work is helping to uplift, inspire and awaken others.

To find out more about Lynda and how you can work with her to illustrate and design your own book or card deck, please email

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