Animal Communication Session 


Anita is an Animal Communicator and over the past 12 years she has worked as a professional dog trainer and is a kennel club assessor, based in Essex, London.


These session can either take place remotely or face to face. If remotely, I can use photographs or names of your animals here or in spirit.

Animal Communication session help you enhance your relationship with your animal giving you a deeper understanding of your animals wants and needs. By using a language of thoughts and feelings that come through from the animals I am able to pass on messages to you to assist in both of your lives.

Situations that Animal Communication sessions are beneficial include:

Rescue Dogs

Speaking to them about their past and why they behave in a certain manner

Health & Fitness

How is your animal feeling with regards to pain and discomfort, and what help they would like?

Fussy Eaters

Find out why your animal won’t eat a certain food type


If an animal is seeming a little lower in mood and wellbeing – are they needing anything?


Let an animal know that someone has passed over so they can move forward

Changes To Environment

House moves, changes in relationships, children going to Uni all affect animals on an emotional level


Is it time to say goodbye? Let your animal tell you.

Lost Animals

This is very time consuming as when I find the animal it can easily move on. Please email me to book your animal communication session –

£80 for an hour

£45 for 30 minutes

If you would like a pack of Animal Communication Cards included in your session =

£99 for 1 hour session (details about the cards below)

(UK p&p included * overseas p&p is an additional cost)

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Animal Communication

Oracle Cards

Get your own beautifully illustrated Animal Communication Oracle Card Deck, which has been created with channelled messages from the animals to help you develop and strengthen your own skills in animal communication and working with animal spirit guides.

“Anita was so helpful and understanding in helping me to have to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. Which was heart wrenching but knowing that my beloved Molly was ready to pass gave me a lot of comfort.”

Ross D


All sessions that we provide are delivered for research, spiritual and entertainment purposes only and we do not warrant or guarantee the relevancy, accuracy or quality of any information provided during a session. Any outcomes or results can vary and will be subject to your own personal interpretation and we make no guarantee that you will achieve a particular outcome, result or experience. Sessions are intended for those over the age of 18 only. By booking a session you are confirming that you are over 18. 

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