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Wealth In The Palm of Your Hand

Palmistry for Business Course

Palmistry is believed to have its roots in the traditions of the Roma travellers and ancient India.  The palm and the shape of your hand is a unique map of the qualities that you were innately born with, your inherited traits and your natural abilities.

 No two people will have the same hand shape and lines. The hand and the lines are an imprint of the qualities we were born with and show us how we can navigate our life’s path and choices.

Using Palmistry in Business

There are 2 main aspects to Palmistry – Chirognomy – the reading of the template and Chiromancy – lines of the hand.  It is from understanding how to interpret the template and lines of your hand we can then ascertain how we are manifesting your business path …

  • Showing you your money and wealth lines in your business.
  • Understanding your relationship with wealth – when will you make your mark?
  • And how it can relate to your business ethos.

What we will cover on the Palmistry for Business Course

You will learn the theory & practice of…

Module 1

Your Relationship to Wealth – In this module you will learn …

  • The History of palmistry
  • The fundamentals of reading the hand – let’s get started
  • Position and markings and how this is related to managing money and security

Module 2

The Decision is in Your Hands – In this module you will learn…

  • The 6 traditional hand shapes – and how you show up in business / career
  • The 4 elemental hand shapes – and how you make decisions in business / career

Module 3

Does your hand mean business? – In this module you will learn …

  • The 3 Zones of the palm – your business is in the palm of your hand
  • The 7 mounts on the hand – your business skill set & choosing your right business & career path

Module 4

The potential of your hand in business – In this module you will learn …

  • About the major lines of the hand – The Life, Fate, Head and Heart line
  • Looking deeper at The Life Line – your longevity in business
  • Looking deeper at The Fate Line – your destiny in business

Your business mindset and creativity? – In this module you will learn …

  • Looking deeper at The Head line – your business mindset
  • Looking deeper at The Heart line – your business passions and relationships

Module 5

Are you manifesting your full wealth potential? In this module you will learn …

  • Looking deeper at The Sun Line – your potential for success
  • Looking deeper at the Line of Intuition – how are you using this in business?
  • Looking deeper at the Line of Mars – revealing your strength of character
  • Looking deeper at the Girdle of Venus – stepping outside of your business comfort zone
  • Looking deeper at the Rascettes – how much will you travel in business
  • Looking at other symbols and markings – including business partnerships & significant relationships

The Course is Suitable for…

Anyone who has an interest in palmistry and divination and using this information to learn how it empowers your ability to create wealth and success in your life and business.

Course Format

Upon full payment course materials videos and toolkits will be sent to you immediately

 Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate 

Palmistry for Business Course = £75

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Anita Denise studied at The Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, where she is now an approved SNU Healer and a holder of PAS.  She has continued to develop her awareness of spirit over many years and qualified 2019 as a Master Teacher with Lisa Williams school.

 Anita has a passion for the ancient art of divination and how it relates to modern day life.  Palmistry has been a love of Anita’s for 15 years and she regularly runs Palmistry masterclasses, workshops and 121 readings.

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