Animal communication is NOT mind control:

You cannot control the mind of an animal and tell it to do.

I can’t “tell your animal” to do, or not do something, any more than I could tell YOU to do or not do something.


During my years working as a dog trainer and now as an animal communicator, I am asked to tell the animal to: cats – to stop bringing in their prey, dogs – to stop chasing, bikes, joggers, and other small creatures.


I share my home with several different breed types; one of my dogs (Myha) is a small Sicilian hound, her bred purpose is to hunt for rabbits. Her innate behavior is to chase small mammals, no matter how much I might ask her not to chase the squirrels, she will not stop! She cannot help it as her natural drives take over.


It is the same as asking a cat not to go and hunt their prey, even though they may have just been fed! When these sorts of issues arise, yes, I can ask them to STOP the said behaviors’, but I CANNOT control their mind and make them stop.


Innate behaviors that are not compatible with human society need to be addressed in a way, that supports the animal without distress and in a manner that is acceptable to us as their caregiver.


Animal communication is not a substitute for clear and humane training and behaviour management.


We still must do the work of species-appropriate training and behaviour modification, hopefully using positive reinforcement practices that support and respect the animal’s sentience, awareness, perspective, and innate nature.


Animal communication CAN and does help people to understand the reasons their animal’s behave a certain way, coming from the animal’s perspective. Animal communication also helps the animal understand the viewpoint of their human, as well.


With this understanding it can create solutions, greater understanding between the animal and human, enhancing the relationship leading to lasting positive change.


Animal Communication is not a way to diagnose an animal’s illness.


Diagnosing or prescribing treatment is out of bounds of an animal communicator. Unless the animal communicator is also a qualified veterinarian. It is actually illegal within most places to practice veterinary medicine without a license!


As an animal communicator, I can share with you the symptoms from the animal’s perspective, communicate with the animal about their perspective or understanding of their situation. For example, if they are aware of how they were injured, the location and quality of their pain, what makes them feel better or worse, etc.


As a Reiki Master trained in energy healing, I can also share with you what I perceive about energetic imbalances, areas of vulnerability or strength. Or experiences that may have had an impact on your animal. However, I cannot diagnose an illness, injury, or condition.


Some vets are open to working in partnership with an animal communicator. It works well with issues that may be difficult to diagnose, where it can help an animal and their people with difficult medical situations


Do I need superpowers to be able to communicate with animals?


We are ALL born with the ability to communicate with every living thing, animals, plants, the environment, and one another. It is the AWARENESS of this communication that helps you with your ability. If you are aware of your body’s aches and pains, if you are aware of the thoughts in your head, if you are aware of the change in environment-from indoors to outdoors, you are well on your way to being more aware of how to communicate with animals.


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