What is the Violet Flame Chakra?

The Violet Flame Chakra sits at the top of the brow on the highest point of the forehead, between the crown and third eye chakras, and burns with all the colours of the violet light from deep magenta to pale lilac through violet and purple with flickers of silver, gold, deep ruby red and opalescent light. It is a living flame of violet purple magenta light and serves to connect us to every manifestation of the Violet Flame found in every dimension that exists between the Divine and ourselves. This includes the violent flame of the physical dimension, the violet flame of the mental dimension, the violet flame of the emotional dimension and the violet flame of the spiritual dimension. These flames are called the Rescue Flames.

Why is it important now?

The teachings and initiation into the Violet Flame Chakra have been brought to us by Ascended Master St Germain channelled through spiritual teacher Edwin Courtenay. This teaching system has been brought to earth now to assist humanity with numerous challenges that are being faced now as part of the ascension process of planet earth itself. Many people are experiencing personal challenges that can almost be proving too much to bear, diverting people from their path and making them question their faith and everything they have believed in so far. At this powerful time in earth’s history there is much clearing of unresolved deep and ancient karmic issues and lessons to be learnt and cleared, both on a personal and global scale. Many people who have been on a healing or spiritual path for a while now are also experiencing ascension symptoms as part of their ongoing journey which the Rescue Flames are particularly effective at addressing.

Although the Violet Flame has been available for us to call upon to transmute negative energy for some time, there have been many instances when it doesn’t seem to have worked. Previously the ability to call upon the Violet Flame has only been as good as the clarity and connection of the person who calls upon it. If the person is clear, there is no problem, and they can transmute the energy. If, however they are not clear emotionally, for example, and their connection to the emotional sphere is not good, they couldn’t call upon the Violet Flame very clearly so it would not have worked well in terms of clearing negative emotional energy and the planes above the emotional plane would have remained blocked as well. Now – through the initiation of the Violet Flame Chakra – this will be a thing of the past enabling us all to call upon the flame in every aspect of its manifestation in all dimensions/spheres. If you decide to take the Violet Flame Chakra initiation, you will open a doorway, window, or portal through which the full power of the flame and its associated wisdom might be accessed and drawn upon to clear all forms of negative energy – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

The Role of the Violet Flame in Healing

Summoning the Violet Flame can cleanse and clear negative energy in whichever dimension we want to heal. For example, in the physical dimension it can be called upon to help release whatever emotional toxins we are holding onto, such as negativity, fear, guilt, sadness and pain. The cells of the body hold onto negative mental/emotional energy, and it is this which needs to be released in order for the physical body to heal. The Physical Rescue Flame therefore brings healing to the physical body by releasing the underlying mental/emotional patterning which caused the imbalance in the first place, and which is contributing to illness and disharmony. As such, this flame can have a detoxifying effect!

In the mental and emotional dimensions, the Violet Flame can be called upon to transmute negative thought forms and emotions. The Mental Rescue Flame strengthens the mental body, bringing it additional power and focus, enabling a person to cope better with challenges in their life. The Emotional Rescue Flame is ideal for people who feel unloved and unworthy as it dissolves blocks to receiving divine love and connects us to our soul, so we feel less of a victim. In the spiritual dimension it can be called upon to raise your spiritual vibration, lift it above heavy energy and cleanse it of dark, detrimental energies that are dragging it down.

The Violet Flame has long been used by many to transmute and cleanse negative energy. Saint Germain has come forward to explain that the Violet Flame is multi-dimensional and that activating the Violet Flame Chakra will allow access to all aspects of the flame effortlessly. This chakra, which is the second of the New Galactic Cycle, is a doorway or portal through which the full power of the flame, its wisdom and the presences connected to it might be accessed and drawn upon. As we move forward these energies are going to be needed more and more.

Activating the Violet Flame Chakra allows access to the individual Rescue Flames

· Physical Rescue Flame

· Mental/Wisdom Rescue Flame

· Emotional Rescue Flame

· Spiritual Rescue Flame

Each Rescue Flame is represented by a colour combination, referencing the Aura Soma system. In addition, we awaken Higher Clairvoyance with the aid of Lady Portia, the Feminine Divine counterpart of Saint Germain, allowing us to see with the eyes of the Soul.

Advocates of the Violet Flame

· Lady Portia, she is St Germain’s twin flame

· St Germain

· Archangel Zadkiel

· Archangel Sachael

· Archangel Tzaphkiel

· Archangel Jeremiel

· Archangel Samael

Would you like to discover more about the Violet Flame? I offer 121 coaching and mentoring with regards to helping you work with the Violet Flame. 

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