What Is The Difference?


Not everyone understands the difference or is aware that there is a difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading.


When I had my first ever message from a medium, I was not aware of the difference, between a psychic or mediumship reading. However, what I do remember is how she made me feel! The medium who herself is now in spirit, gave me a message at a time in my life when it was so needed. The reading had a profound affect on me at that time and really helped me through a traumatic period in my life.


The message or reading as you may prefer to call it was a bit of both. Some of the reading was psychic and some of the reading was from spirit (mediumship). What would now be known as a hybrid reading


How Does a Psychic Reading Work?


In a psychic reading, the psychic will pick up information using their own energy field, called the Aura. We all have an Aura; it is our own unique energy field and within our Aura we hold all the information that is required for a psychic reading. Our Aura holds information from our past to present day. A psychic will also be able to pick up on your future desires and dreams; they will be able to transmute the information, using their Clare senses and understand how situations in the past can and do have an affect on you in your present everyday life.


A good psychic should relay to you some information from your past, that you understand.


Because this will enable you to feel comfortable and know that they are connected energetically with you. We are all born with free-will, where we are able to choose and make decisions for ourselves. A psychic reading is to help give you some guidance, clarity, and direction, but never to tell you how to live your life. Sometimes in our busy hectic life, we can all feel in need of guidance or clarity and a psychic reading should support in this.


How Does a Mediumship Reading Work?


In a mediumship reading the medium will communicate to the spirit world and connect you with your loved ones that have passed over into the world of spirit. To do this the medium will open their awareness and blend to those that have crossed over and bring you through information from a loved one. The medium should be able to give you evidential information, from the person that they are communicating with in the spirit world, that you should clearly understand. This information: could include their personality, hobbies, occupation, passing condition, relationship, even pets in spirit, in affect they should bring through the essence of the person they are communicating with.


The spirit world will also speak about what they see happening in your life since they have passed, maybe a baby has been born, a birthday is coming up, a house move, even pets in the spirit world with them.


Try to think of a mediumship reading as a 3-way conversation, where the person in spirit is talking to the medium through a mind-to-mind connection, the medium is then relaying the information/communication to you, just as if they were here with you.


What Is The Right Reading For Me?


This would really depend upon what you are looking for. If you want to connect with a loved one that has passed over, then a mediumship reading would be the correct reading to choose. If you are looking more for guidance and clarity into situations in life, then a psychic reading would be the correct reading to choose.


However, you can choose to have a Hybrid reading.


What Is a Hybrid Reading?


A hybrid reading is a combination of some psychic information for guidance and some mediumship communication with messages from family or friends in the world of spirit. For this type of reading the medium will blend their awareness to the spirit world, bringing you messages of upliftment and will then shift their energy to work psychically for you. The hybrid reading is what most of my clients tend to choose.


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