What is Geomancy?


Geomancy literally means, “divining the Earth”. It is an ancient art that analyses the subtle earth energies that ebb and flow throughout the landscape, influencing health and wealth, home, garden, and office alike. Geomancy works harmoniously with these energies to enhance the relationship with self, home and your workspace.


The Chinese System of Feng Shui:

Feng Shui can also be known as Chinese geomancy. The philosophy of Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your space, to create a balance with the natural world. The process of geomancy is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment.


Western Geomancy:

Utilises dowsing, crystals, healing and earth acupuncture techniques to deal with geopathic stress to balance the subtle earth energies. Modern living can greatly affect the energetic flow of a home or workspace, from microwaves, TV, Wi-Fi, the list is long.


Houses can be old, new, listed buildings, large, small, bungalows or tall – whatever the age and size of the property – the land that the property is built upon is ancient, so it holds memories and tells stories. In our modern society it is increasingly common for houses and other buildings to be sited over such geopathic stress sites.

Some homes may have underground water and earth energies running under the house and this has been associated with geopathic stress, ‘sick building syndrome’. This can affect the energy within the home or workspace, due to the negative ions that have accumulated.


Sometimes a home may have witnessed a turmoil, such as a divorce/break up, a particularly grievous argument, or a death. Following such events is a good time to do a house clearing. A space-clearing process that releases and transmutes the stagnant energies in a space and allows us to replace them with supportive and positive energies in our homes and offices. It can often be a liberating and transformative experience for the inhabitants.


Some people are sensitive to these energies, and over a period of prolonged exposure their immune system can become suppressed, leading to disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue, or more serious illness.



Geomancy is also the interest in location and orientation of new spaces, particularly ones that enhance our connection to Spirit. If you want to know where the power centre is in your garden so you can build a temple, or if you want to know the best place for an altar in your living room. Whether your sacred space is a single crystal, a personal altar, a standing stone,

medicine wheel or labyrinth; geomancy can help you design, locate, align, and activate the space so that it connects with and enhances the natural energies of the earth.



When a natural disaster is impending; animals have a natural awareness of this and act accordingly. In the animal kingdom, most mammals instinctively avoid gravitating towards areas of geopathic stress. Dogs will instinctively avoid laying on geopathic stress lines and areas of negativity. Birds are said to be the most sensitive and horses the most resilient.

Cats, owls, snakes, slugs, and snails are however attracted to negative energy. A Cat’s favourite sleeping place (in the absence of an obvious source of warmth) is very often a sure clue to geopathic stress. A cat who regularly sleeps in the same spot on a bed is certainly performing a diagnostic, and possibly a protective function.



Clues to the path of an underground stream, may include, trees struck by lightning, dead or stunted gaps in hedges, infertile fruit trees, and strangely twisted trees. Fruit trees are the most sensitive, whilst Oak, Redwoods and Ash trees are the most resilient. You may find that your lawn will often betray bare patches or vegetable gardens will be inclined to yield a crop of stunted growth.


Energetic/psychic hygiene and maintenance of a space is paramount in geomantic awareness, space-clearing and helps to keep a good energetic flow, within your home and workspace.


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