Animal Reincarnation


This week I have been asked by a number of people about their animal in spirit and reincarnation. The question’s that I was asked were…

· Can animals come back

· Do all animals choose to come back

· Do animals return back to the same people or chose different people

· How long before they return

· How will I know


All very good question’s and something I am sure that you would have thought about yourself.


I personally do believe in reincarnation and have experienced it myself, with one of my own animals. At first, I thought that was imagining it because I wanted it to be true! However, the similarities and personality became impossible to be my imagination, even down to having the same specific allergy to fish!


What you need to be aware of is that they could return to you as a different species and sex. In my case they have returned as the same species, but a different breed and sex.


This may not be something that you may believe in, but many different cultures and religions do believe in reincarnation.


Firstly, I would like to say that you do not need to believe in reincarnation to be able to communicate with animals in spirit. All I ask is that you have an open mind, as this will aid you in your communications.


If you are working with animals, you may be asked to communicate with an animal that has reincarnated. Or if you want to communicate with your own animal that has passed, you will be limiting yourself to the messages that you receive.


If you have experienced the loss of an animal, all you want to do is have them back with you happy and healthy. With any passing we have to go through the grieving process and with that comes all the questions of, if, what and why?


What is Reincarnation?

The word reincarnation is derived from Latin, meaning “to enter flesh again’. The concept of reincarnation comes from the belief that the soul after the death of the physical body, leaves and returns to Earth in a new body. The idea of reincarnation dates back many years, to the ancient Egyptians; many different belief systems believe that the soul is limitless and never dies.


We are all souls in a physical body and animals are no different, they too have a soul. They too are here to experience life in a physical body. When I first started to walk the path of the animal communicator, I tried to read and find out as much information that I could, to be able to talk to my own animals. I remember reading a book which suggested that when animals cross over they do not have an individual soul, but that they go to a soul group to be with their own kind. The reason suggested for this, was they were of a lesser intelligence, at the time this really upset me!


I am going to share with you my belief and experience of connecting with my own animal and of the clients and their animals that I have worked with. Regardless of species, animals do have an individual soul, as your beloved was on Earth, the same in spirit. They are not a group energy.


The only thing that limits the soul is the body, as the soul is pure energy, and this is no different with animals. There is nothing stopping them reincarnating into a new body. I want to use the word ‘alchemy’, the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transformation of energy. The Universal law of Perpetual Transmutations of Energy states that everything is energy and is constantly evolving or fluctuating, which cannot be destroyed, it just changes form.


Do animals come back?

Yes, animals can and do come back in other animal forms. I was not brought up with the belief in reincarnation, but through my own animals and the work that I have done, I have seen this many times. It is my belief that animals do come back to us, but they might not necessarily come back to us in the same form. You may have experienced something like this yourself; maybe you have had an animal that reminds you of a pervious animal or person?


Do all animals choose to come back?

No, not all animals choose to come back.

It is not because they do not love their human; sometimes it is because their soul has experienced and leant what they came here to experience. In effect their soul purpose is complete.


Do animals return back to the same people or chose different people?

This can vary, as some animals who choose to return back to the same people, because the bond has been so strong between the both of you.


There may be other animals that have not fully experienced their soul purpose, who want to return, but maybe their human has passed over, unwell or circumstances have changed. The conditions are not conducive for the animal to come back to the same person and so they choose someone else.


Some animals go through a lot of pain and discomfort and chose not to do that again even though they can choose a new body.


How Long?

It is my belief when an animal passes into the world of spirit, they have the ability to connect and communicate with the human very quickly. I am sure that some of you who have experienced an animal crossing over would have felt their presence around. You may have heard their familiar sound, there may have been some symbology or signal that they are with you. However, I do feel it takes the soul a while to return back into a physical body. I do believe that the soul of an animal will experience very much the same journey as a human soul when they cross. They will review their own soul contract, healing will take place and very importantly they will also reunite with loved ones in the world of spirit.


Feeling blessed.

I am feeling blessed at this moment, as I now have with me a returner. Still a dog, but a different breed and sex. At first you think it is your imagination and wishful thinking, but the more you observe the more you realise they have returned. Just allow yourself to feel it and look into their eyes.


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