What Exactly is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the language of thoughts and feelings, a connection between you and your animals.

Animals are very intuitive and pick up all the information around them by using their intuition. We too are intuitive beings. We also pick up information from our physical senses.

So, How Does Animal Communication Work?

When you receive information from animals, intuitively you can pick up information in the way of feelings, emotions, images, taste, and smells.

My belief is that we all can connect with the animals and learn to understand them better.

Animal communication is important because it enhances the relationship that we have with our animal. Many of you who share your life with an animal, will already be communicating with them regularly. Even though you may be doing so without realising.

Your tone of voice, the expression on your face and the energy you are giving, happy, sad or frustrated are all signals. Your animal will be able to pick up on all these signals.

I often walk down the road and talk to my dogs out loud; the neighbours probably think that I am mad!

Intuition is using the natural gifts that you were born with. Animals are born with intuition too. Animals in the wild need to use their intuition for protection, survival and to find a mate. Our domesticated pets do not need to use their intuition for survival however they still are highly intuitive.

What is intuition you might ask? Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytical thinking, bridging the gap between the conscious and the non-conscious part of our mind.

How many times have you had a gut feeling or a hunch about something? Maybe it was about a person, place or work etc. You may or may not have acted upon your gut feeling, only later to feel or say I knew that would happen! Well, that is your intuition.

Every thought we have produces a feeling and this is the same for our animal friends. Just like us, animals can feel hot, cold, hungry, happy and can feel sad – they feel feelings.

To be able to pick up intuitively on what our animals are telling us, we need to listen. However, this is not about listening with our ears – this is about learning to listen to our intuition.

Learning to listen to our intuition takes practice and trust. Trust in self and the information that we are picking up on and have been given to us by our animals.

When listening to our animals we need to tap into our higher consciousness and our attention with the animal that we are communicating with. To do this we need to be present and focus on the here and now – we need to be able to still the mind.

When an animal can share their thoughts and feelings, it enhances the relationship between you and that can only be a good thing.

Animal communication takes place via a ‘mind-to-mind connection’, whereby animals will share their thoughts and feelings to you, telepathically. This is also a heart-to-heart connection of unconditional love.

Because the communication takes place telepathically, the animal does not need to be present. I find that this is in the best interest of the animal, as they do not need to travel or be in an unfamiliar territory. Which is very beneficial for a fearful, fragile, ageing animal or one that lives overseas

Great change is taking place on our planet at this time. Developing your ability to communicate with animals can help you in doing your part in restoring respect and unconditional love for the natural world.

Empaths always connect with animals and animals always heal Empaths.

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