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Sharing Messages To Guide Your Life Choices


Do you feel a little lost in life?   Have you recently lost someone and are grieving?

Has a relationship recently ended, and you are struggling to come to terms with this?

Do you feel let down by those close to you?

Are you suffering trauma in your life?  Are you unsure which path to take and uncertain about your future?

Messages from loved ones in spirit or intuitive guidance can assist you navigate your path, feel brighter about your future and provide healing whilst we are here on earth.

I can help you.

By using my Psychic Mediumship and Animal Communication abilities, I channel messages from above for you, to provide direction and reassurance so you can go about your daily life feeling comforted and assured that you are not alone.

I am a Psychic Medium based in Essex, London carrying out readings at events or online.

” Remember you are never alone
Never doubt you are so loved
Never forget love lives forever “

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Using my 15 years experience as an accredited Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator, I work Clairvoyantly with the spirit world, receiving images and emotions.

From this place, I am able to …

Connect with your loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World and share their messages with you.

Provide you with guidance and direction to assist you on your life path in every day life.

Sharing messages from your loved ones in spirit by connecting you with higher guidance to help you with your life choices and challenges.

My Soul connects with your soul helping you to connect to your soul’s essence and what it wants for your purpose and potential on your journey here on earth.

I also connect you to the direction you are being asked to study on your Spiritual journey.


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Anita Denise psychic medium Essex and London


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“I am so glad I chose to see Anita. She was able to identify things that were happening in my life right now, with such accuracy, it blew me away!”

– Jane A – December 2018

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Do Animals Understand Time?

Do Animals Understand Time?

One of the questions I am asked and something that I used to wonder about myself is “Do animals understand time?” And, if so, how?   In my years as a dog trainer and during my training, we were taught that animals live in the present and basically have NO concept...

Do Animals Have a Soul?

Do Animals Have a Soul?

I am aware that this is not something that you may believe in, but many different cultures and religions do believe in reincarnation. Firstly, I would like to say that you do not need to believe in reincarnation to be able to communicate with animals in spirit.  ...

What Is Divination?

What Is Divination?

Divination: The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means; the art of knowing without knowing why.   Divination is a widespread cultural practice that takes varied forms worldwide. It can be diagnostic, forecasting, and...

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